Free Adaptive Golf Clinics at Wedges and Woods

Wedges and Woods, along with Marty Turcios’ Therapeutic Golf Foundation, is proud to offer free two-hour adaptive golf clinics for veterans, stroke survivors, people healing from injury and at-risk disabled youths from 10 am to noon on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We also work with the Walton Foundation for Independence, an organization that helps people with disabilities, both natural and from accidents, regain independence. 

Adaptive Golf with Stand Up and Play

Wedges and Woods and the Marty Turcios’ Therapeutic Golf Foundation are proud to partner with the Stand Up and Play Foundation. The foundation helps wheelchair users and other people with impaired mobility stand up to participate in sporting and other events. Wedges and Woods has been able to purchase Paramobile motorized wheelchairs for use at our facility. The Paramobile enables people who are restricted to a wheelchair to safely play golf from a standing position. According to the Stand Up and Play Foundation, the Paramobile “stimulates the metabolism, stretches the muscles, reduces spasticities and enhances the mobility of their joints. The all-terrain Paramobile, with its patented stand-up device, combines practical know-how with innovative ideas for maximum playing fun.”


Join Us for Adaptive Golf Fun

More than 5.6 million – 1 in 50 - Americans live with a form of paralysis or spinal cord injury, which means we all probably know someone who uses a wheelchair for mobility. Share the gift of golf with Wedges and Woods’ adaptive golf clinics. While you are here, get whatever you need for a day of golf at our retail store! Call (706) 854-0360 today to find out how you or a loved one can benefit. Thanks to the Marty Turcios’ Therapeutic Golf Foundation and the Stand Up and Play Foundation, wheelchair users have more freedom than ever before to enjoy golf!

Call us today to learn more about our adaptive golf clinics!


3731 Wrightsboro Road

Augusta GA 30909


Spring/Summer: March - November 4th
Monday-Saturday: 9:30AM - 10:00PM or later
(depending on crowd)
Sunday: 11:00AM - Dark

Fall/Winter: November 4th - March: (Hours To Be Announced)

*Closing hours may vary due to inclement weather or events.*