Golf Lessons, Adaptive Golf, Pro Shop and Club Repair

Nick and Jen Prokosa want to make sure that Wedges and Woods has something for everybody. Pro golfers and people new to the game can improve their skills with lessons from lifetime LPGA member Lee Hammett. Veterans, stroke survivors and at-risk disabled youth can all benefit from our adaptive golf clinics. Need some new equipment – or a snack? Stop by the pro shop. If your clubs need to be regripped or repaired, Nick is the best in Augusta! Call Wedges and Woods today about our professional club repair services!


Affordable Golf Lessons Augusta GA

Looking for affordable, professional golf lessons Augusta GA? Come see us! Wedges and Woods is proud to offer lessons with Lee Hammett. She is a lifetime member of the LPGA and has taught in Augusta for more than 40 years. Lee offers golf lessons in Augusta GA to players of all ages and has a special interest in senior and female golfers.

30 Minute Lesson                $35.00

45 Minute Lesson                $45.00

2.5 Hour Lesson                    $135.00


Expert Golf Club Repair

Need some work done? Let us handle that for you. Wedges and Woods can do it all in-house! Need a new grip? No problem. Change the swing weight? We've got you covered. Just leave it up to us, and we’ll have you back out on the range in no time.

Repair                                                          Price

Standard Shaft Install                          $15.00

Bore Through Shaft Install                 $20.00

Remove Shaft                                           $6.00

Remove Shaft Tap                                  $20.00

Lengthen Shaft                                         $6.00

Shorten Shaft                                            $2.00

Grip Install (Bring your own)            $3.00

Save Grip                                                    $5.00

Replace Ferrule                                        $6.00

Remove Rattle                                          $10.00

Repair                                                        Price

Tighten Head                                         $5.00

Loft & Lie Adjustment                        $5.00

Replace Spikes (Pair)                          $5.00

Putter Lie Adjustment                         $5.00

Change Swingweight                           $10.00

Reshaft (set of 8)                                    $79.99

Save Shaft                                                  $8.00

Iron Set Fitting                                         $40.00

Putter Fitting                                             $15.00

Full Set Fitting (Up to 14 clubs)        $65.00


Visit our Retail Store

Need some equipment for the driving range or golf lessons in Augusta GA? Our retail store is fully stocked with all the equipment - or snacks - that you need! We offer discounts for seniors Monday-Friday and discounts for military and active-duty first responders!

Call Wedges and Woods today for expert, affordable golf
lessons in Augusta, GA. We offer gift certificates too!


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Spring/Summer: March - November 4th
Monday-Saturday: 9:30AM - 10:00PM or later
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Sunday: 11:00AM - Dark

Fall/Winter: November 4th - March: (Hours To Be Announced)

*Closing hours may vary due to inclement weather or events.*